A eulogy to sloth

A eulogy to sloth

A eulogy to sloth 640 426 Gilberto Pereira

“Intelligent people are slothful”

Many times I have asked myself why this quote. I don’t know who to attribute it to – maybe “popular wisdom(?) – but the fact is that, the more we rise on a work hierarchy of work and development, we find this to be true!

unfortunately, most people take sloth as a negative thing. they simply assume that it is nothing more than a will of doing nothing and procrastinate ad eternum everything that comes in our way… nothing could be more far from the truth! Actually, I consider some of the greatest advances in history are due to sloght, combined with the inteligence of who was sloghtfull. It’s a fact. It can only be a fact!

however, it is necessary to point out that both are inseparable, in a way that prevents us from assuming that “intelligence” is nothing more than “intellectual superiority” and “sloth” is nothing more than… well… “sloth”!

intelligent sloth transforms the individual on a truelly productive and imaginative machine, for the will to dedicate one self to doing absolutelly ntohing (there. I said it!) makes the intelect function in a way that allows thr creation of solutions that will enable that… please tell me:

  • was the person that invented the remote an absolute sloth?
  • was the person who invented emails slothfull enough not ot go to the post office?
  • those who invented the engine, where they not slothfull and tired of pedalling everywhere or going back and forward with horse feeding and horse shit cleaning?
  • Tell me: was the vacuum cleaner more than the willpower of not having to pick a broom?

Weren’t these inventors intelligent a.f.? and we could go all day talking about this, counting all the ways in which we could find some way of sparing ourselfs from the effort of doing something, simplifying and optimising the hardest taks at hands, so we can go back to behing slothfull.

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