Do I really Need an SEO Company?

This one of the questions that many companies that reach out to us often make. Usually, they reach out to us when everything else has failed. It’s a systematic process:

  • They identify flaws and needs on their online presence and begin with a simple SWOT analysis;
  • This analysis helps to identify what could be underperforming with their business model, but it’s practically useless when it comes to their online presence itself;
  • Thus, the next step is to drown in Google Analytics Data and go through a couple of dozens of free online tools, that scratch the surface of their online presence, achieving nothing more than a few simple indicators about what could be wrong and what needs attention and work;

However, if there’s no one in the company that already has a deep knowledge about how Search Engines work, along with Digital Marketing and Online Users Behaviour knowledge, your efforts, and invested money, will get you few to no results.
And that is why you need an SEO Company working with you, for your company. Put aside the idea that a good SEO strategy consists in getting your website on the top of the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo. The best SEO companies will bring you knowledge about what your visitors and clients are searching for. These companies have a vast knowledge about market conditions and can build, manage and support a full optimisation on your website. Notice I wrote a few lines back “working with you” and not “working for you“. This is actually the first step towards a successful strategy that will contribute to the growth and sustainability of your website. You may be hiring one of the top SEO companies in the world, but if you’re not willing to put in the extra effort and work together, results will hardly satisfy your expectations. Of course, as with all other investments, you should ponder about your choice. There are many companies on the market that advertise themselves as “SEO Specialists“. By my experience, gained over 10 years working closely with SEO and Digital marketing, I can identify and point out a few characteristics that you should be on the lookout when it comes (and it will) the time to choose an SEO Company. Here is what you should look for:

We keep our clients.

This may sound picky, but it isn’t. We work on keeping the business we take. To do so, we work to keep our clients satisfied. If our clients are happy, we’re doing something right, right? So, we work continuously on ways to get our clients significative results. We work together, listening to our clients. If you find an SEO Company that seems to be always working with the same clients, that’s the one you want. If others don’t let them go, they’re doing something right.

We Listen.

Yes, you’ll be hiring us as “SEO Experts“, so you might think that that’s enough and you just have to let us do our job. Let me get you in a little secret: An SEO Company is nothing without their clients. Our goals are your goals. We work together to achieve your goals. That means we need to listen to what you have to say. The best SEO Company you can hire is the one that is able to implement your objectives in an effective way. Look for an SEO Company that keeps an open line of communication.

We aim to the Long Term, Working on the Short Term.

We know there are deadlines to respect. It may seem that we’re working on and endless project. what we are actually doing is constantly getting progress and keeping up with your deadlines. We start on working in your short term objectives, such as: increasing traffic and website views, and increasing presence and indexation on SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages). At the same time, we start working on a sustainable growth, aiming for an exponential increase on views and clicks. The best SEO Companies are those that work all the time to give answer to the needs of your business. They will apply their best efforts in ways to achieve the best results, on a regular way.

So, do you need an SEO Company working with you? Yes, you most probably do, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this post. Remember these features: Satisfied Clients, Measurable Results, Sustainable Growth. Combine these factors and you will guaranty for you and your company the best SEO Company, to work with you, on the optimisation of your website and your online presence.

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