Aqui há Poesia (Here we have Poetry)

Aqui Há Poesia (Here we have poetry), Why? The origins of this PodCast.

I am not a person to turn away from a challenge. So, when I was challenged by Álvaro Costa and the newsroom from Global News Portugal, to be a part of PodCast Mundo AC by Global News, my answer could only be one, particularly for doing something I love: reading poetry. Here you can listen to all the episodes for the podcast (although it has been on pause, at Global News) I have recovered them to my own channel.
You can also subscribe it at Spotify or Amazon Podcasts. Unfortunately, Google Podcasts has been discontinued and are aired now on Youtube podcasts, which only takes video files. So I decided not to continue on google. As for Apple Podcasts, well… I just can’t get past the registration form and no one seems to be able to help so… no Apple. Sorry. 

And please bear in mind that all content is in portuguese only.

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