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Do I rearlly Need an SEO Company? 1280 854 Gilberto Pereira

Do I rearlly Need an SEO Company?

This one of the questions that many companies that reach out to us often make. Usually, they reach out to us when everything else has failed. It’s a systematic process: They identify flaws and needs on their online presence and begin with a simple SWOT analysis; This analysis helps to identify what could be underperforming…

A eulogy to sloth 1
A eulogy to sloth 640 426 Gilberto Pereira

A eulogy to sloth

“Intelligent people are slothful” Many times I have asked myself why this quote. I don’t know who to attribute it to – maybe “popular wisdom(?) – but the fact is that, the more we rise on a work hierarchy of work and development, we find this to be true! unfortunately, most people take sloth as…

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