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Gilberto JS Pereira

Marketing professional, Digital Intelligence and SEO specialist, with a special focus on Usability, User Experience and Social Media. Born in Porto and with an online presence since 1994, I was one of the founders of the pioneer MindSEO, one of the first portuguese companies (perhaps even the first) dedicated to Optimization of Digital Ecosystems for Search Engines (SEO), having held the role of Director of Operations and Project Manager for over 8 years.

Graduated in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, and with a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing from the London School of Design and Marketing, I am also professionally certified in UX Design and Project Management, by Google, Inbound and Social Media Marketing, by Hubspot and professional certificate in Microsoft Bing Ads and Google Ads.

Over the last few years, I have worked daily with several organisations with a national and international presence, in different areas of activity, notably: WD-40, Vodafone, Schneider Electric, Century21, MediaCapital, Impresa, Futebol Clube do Porto, KuantoKusta, Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Universidade Católica, among others.

Certificados & Acreditações

certificados e acreditações - Gilberto Pereira

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A wonderfull life

March 23
Hello World!
Life. I am here!

Spring friday.

The first breath of air out of my mother's womb.

Learning to play

The rules of the school. Learning to play, share experiences, imagination, creation. Know how to be a child. Met the love of my life...but didn't know it yet.

Elementary School
Learning to read and write

The  A. E. I. O. U. and the A.B.C. of life... Forming words, understanding words, understanding the world around us. Step by step. day by day.

Middle School
A new adventure

Leaving school close to home. A new school. A new experience. New knowledge. Middle school... the middle of what?

High School
Here I go again

high school. Teenagers! Preparing for university. It seems that the world will end if I don't get the grades for the university course I want!

Aveiro University
College V1

College. What am I doing here?

Industrial engineering and Management. For a guy that always struggled with math and physics, these were challenging years. Until I said "enough".

What now?
The first goodbye...

Math and Physics are behind. The course is not fascinating anymore. I leave college and search for my first job. Carpentry. Like my grandfather. With my grandfather. A life-changing experience.

Instituto Superior de Paços de Brandão
College V2

I want more. More than breathing saw dust and carrying planks of wood and tools all day. Work by day, study by night: Public relations and Advertising (no math!)


Going abroad? Why not?The challenge of working in the USA presents itself! Excitement. Another pause on college. But a more close to home challenge emerges...


The excitement of going to the USA cools down... closer to home I get the oportunity to work at a travel agency: Aerosoltur, Viagens e Turismo. Let's go.

Instituto Superior de Paços de Brandão
College V3

Graduate? Why not? I don't like to leave things undone. Back to College! The course was revamped and now it's "Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations". 2 more years, working by day, studying by night. Finally: the Diploma!

(It's sad to know now that this university as closed after graduating so many excellent professionals).

December 8
Living together
What's the best day to get married?

It's December 8, of course!

Married the love of my life. Packed everything we had and nested in the beautiful, seaside town of Esmoriz.

College Degree
The Diploma!

After presenting and defending my thesis: "Gender equality in advertising", the jury decided my work was done and I graduated.

MindSEO V1
The challenge

Still working at Aerosoltur. Applying all that I learned in ways to make business grow.

An old college acquaintance challenges me to do "some things online"

Here I go again...

April 23
Life is Beautiful
Hello Lara!

Happiness overflows our hearts. Lara came into our lives and settled in our hearts for ever and ever. Welcome, my daughter, Lara.

MindSEO Lda
Escritório MindSEO 2020

Those "some things online" were paying off! It couldn't just be a hobby anymore.

We counted every cent and registered as a company: MindSEO Lda.

I start part-time, between Aerosoltur and MindSEO.

The Leap
Gilberto Pereira na MindSEO lda.

The "part-time" is no longer viable. There's a choice to be made and the result is obvious: I take on the fulltime job at MindSEO. Operations Director, Project Manager, Financial Manager.

The team grows. The clients keep coming. We head on growing.

Post Graduation
College V4

Take on a Masters Degree 100% online at the  London School of Design and Marketing? ok!

Things are going great but body and mind take their toll. We all have our limits... mine were here! I burned down... ended up with a PG Diploma and a much needed rest.

Global News

I can't resist a good challenge. And Global News was a good challenge. A news portal needing to grow. Needing to improve their web presence, get more viewers.

I toke on the challenge and to this day I keep my role as a journalist, collaborator and with an not-so-regular opinion column.

October 13
Hello Dinis

My son. Dinis. The name of a King, for the one that will rule our hearts. Our son is born. Life continues to be beautiful.

"The Group"
A Leap Forward

An investment group enters MindSEO Capital. New projects, new challenges, better working conditions and expectations.

Talking with God
hecatombe - cama de hospital antes de neurocirurgia

A simple (not so simple) headache throws me to the hospital bed. Subdural Hematomas. Two! Life upside down. Brain Surgery! 

Recovery is slow...

The second goodbye
escritório vazio: MindSEO Lda. 2022

Returning to work was hard! As fast as the "investment group" entered MindSEO Capital, as faster they left! Decisions for the future of MindSEO had to be made, and divergencies were inevitable. My recent "talking to God" experience brought me a new vision of all things. Time to say goodbye to MindSEO.

It was good...
One door closes...

...while it lasted.

I'm definitely out of MindSEO's capital. New projects are in the horizon. Let them come!

Professional Certification I
Google Professional Certificate in UX Design

With peace of mind and clarity over the future I take on, and finish my Google Professional Certification in UX Design. 

Ecossistemas Digitais (Digital ecosystems - portuguese only) is online!

Professional Certification II
Google Project Management Professional Certification

Why settle with one professional certification when I can get two? The brain is fully functional and in november I finish my Google Project Management Professional Certification.

My "Ecossistemas Digitais" get's its first projects.

Ecossistemas Digitais
...a door opens

Official launch: Ecossistemas Digitais. A collaborative and multidisciplinar marketing agency, with the mission of transporting companies to a digital world in a simple, organised, and successful manner.

Another path
Here we go again...

...Let's work together?

Let's talk?

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