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Gilberto Pereira

I am a Digital Marketing and SEO professional, with special attention over User Experience. From Porto, with an online presence since 1994, and over 10 years experience in the tourism industry.

I am currently the Director of Operations and Senior Consultant at MindSEO, a Portuguese SEO and Digital Intelligence company of which I am also a founding partner. I work with several organisations and multinational companies, with strong online presences, such as Vodafone, WD40, Schneider Electric, Century21.  I am also Operations Director at TwistedStudio, managing the development and implementation of online platforms and a Digital Marketing and eCommerce Trainer at FLAG.

I regularly write and perform poetry readings, having published a poetry book with the title "Reticências". I love marketing and advertising, branding, malt whisky and the smell of books and flowers.

Where to begin? By the beginning. here's a brief history of time that has passed.

  • 1979 - March, Friday, 16h30, born to the world;
  • 1985 - 1998 - Along with school I studied music, acquiring knowledge in orchestration, choral singing and acoustics and learned to play the violin and classical guitar;
  • 1998 - Got into Aveiro University, studying Industrial Management and Engineering;
  • 2003 - Dropped out of IME and started looking for work;
  • 2004 - First full-time job, as a tourism consultant, at Aerosoltur, Travel Agency in Espinho, Portugal;
  • 2004 - Back to the university, this time studying Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations, at Instituto Superior de Paços de Brandão;
  • 2004-2017 - Learning and evolving as a travel consultant, taking over online communication and implementing the first digital transformation experience in the company;
  • 2006 - Dropped out from the university in pursuit of a job experience outside Portugal;
  • 2008 - Back to the University, to finish and graduate in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations;
  • 2008 - Editing and Publishing my poetry book "Reticências";
  • 2009 - First collaborations with MindSEO;
  • 2009 - Got married and moved to Esmoriz city, Portugal;
  • 2010 - Graduation with a Licentiate Degree in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations;
  • 2012 - First-time father, with the birth of my daughter L.;
  • 2014 - Founding of MindSEO Limited, as an independent company, where I continued to work as a freelancing consultant;
  • 2017 -After 13 years at Aerosoltur, I took over Operations at MindSEO, as a full-time job;
  • 2017 - Started my experience as Trainer at FLAG;
  • 2017 - Started studying at London School Of Design and Marketing. Taking on the MA Marketing course;
  • 2018 - Father for a second time, with the birth of my son, D.;
  • 2018 - Graduated at the London School of Design and Marketing, with a PgDip in Marketing;
  • 2018 - Certifications at Google Academy Online, in Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Shopping;
  • 2019 - Inbound Marketing and Social Media Certifications at Hubspot;
  • 2019 - Microsoft Bing Ads Certified Professional.

Along with all this, I have managed to get some time and dedicate it to Associativism, collaborating in the Academic Association at Instituto Superior de Paços de Brandão. I was an active member at Casa da Gaia, sports and recreation association, and Arts and Handcraft Association President. I have kept, and still keep, active participation in poetry reading and divulgation initiatives like Onda Poética (Espinho) and Magnolia, with the Public Library of S. Paio de Oleiros. All this involvement with a vast arrange of people and experiences led my curiosity to the internet and the ways it works, going through websites and portals, online users communities and the first social media networks (remember Hi5, mIRC or Angelfire?)

Today, all this self-taught experience is an advantage when it comes to the work we do at MindSEO. But the search of knowledge never fades and makes me keep an eye over tendencies, business needs that surface as the market evolves and technology and industry developments as well as seeking knowledge and certifications with Google and Hubspot. I also promote learning and training on how to obtain a solid online presence using WordPress CMS, through the WPTraining.Space project.

Bing Ads Accredited Professional - Gilberto Pereira

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Accredited Professional

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